There’s Just Too Much TV, and The Cleveland Indians Aren’t Helping.


The Dude on the Right

Only a few days into the fall television season, and I am quickly realizing that
I am

because now baseball is getting in the way. Pretty much having lived
in the Chicago area longer than I lived in the Cleveland area, I aligned myself
with the Cubs. But at the
beginning of this baseball season, the
Chicago White Sox were
going crazy, and it was just baseball that was fun to watch. My
Cleveland Indians weren’t
doing all that great, and lord knows the Cubs were all over the map that you
couldn’t get around them, and I’m not saying my allegiance shifted from the Cubs
to the White Sox, but I would find it cool to get a playoff team that seemed
destined to go all the way, so I started rooting for the Sox. But then a couple
of funny things happened. First, the White Sox started not playing so well.
Second, the Indians started playing phenomenal baseball, and on
sports talk-radio all
over Chicago, everyone was worried about the Indians. And now look, the Tribe
took the first game of this huge series against the Sox, and if you look at
their remaining schedules, the Indians look poised to make one of the greatest
comebacks in baseball history while the White Sox fans will no longer be able to
make fun of the Cubs and their ’69 demise, because, well, their demise may rank
right back up there in the baseball disaster record books.

But that’s not why I’m screwed. Nope, tonight the ballgame is on, but in
conflict with many another show. I’ve got "The
Biggest Loser
," the season finale of "Big
Brother 6
," the premiere of "My
Name is Earl
" and "The
," not to mention the conflict with the damn "Dancing
With the Stars
" dance-off, and the conclusion of "Rock
Star: INXS
." Sure, I’ve got a TIVO, and an old VCR, but I don’t think that
is going to cut it. I was trying to get around it, but dammit, I might have to
look into getting another TIVO, or the digital recorder from my cable company,
or just throw all of my TV’s out the window and read a book instead. The latter
will never happen, but for now, all I know is that for my television viewing
this Tuesday evening, I’m screwed.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!