There Are Still Too Many American Idols for Me to Care.


The Dude on the Right

As a fan of "American
I have to agree with my mom that there are still too many contestants
for me to really care.  Sure, they trimmed it down to 24, twelve dudes and
twelve dudettes, but after watching the dudes do their singing yesterday, I
could care less about them.  The dudettes are tonight, but other than
checking out which ones are doing the smart thing, namely trying to look hot as
well as sing well, I don’t think I care about them, either.

The other thing,
and maybe I’m wrong about this (go ahead, correct me), but I don’t think they
used to start right off the bat with a theme, at least not for the top 24. 
I always thought that, at the beginning, they let the kids pick any song, from
any genre, from any time period, as long as it was on the approved "we’ve got
the rights to this" list, to kind of show what these people thought they could
sing well.  Instead the boys were dropped right into the fire, with it now
being 60’s week, where most of the dudes seemed to struggle because A) They
didn’t seem to realize they were suppose to make it their own, nor 2) I’m
guessing most of them had no idea how to make it their own, what with now being
with the band and all.  The judges kept blasting them for singing the song
as the song was originally done, but I didn’t think that, at this stage, most of
our twelve dudes would be comfortable enough saying something like "Hey, band
people, I’m singing Elvis’ "Suspicious Minds," but I want it done in a hip-hop
style that maybe Kanye West would do.  I don’t really know what that means,
but since I have to make the song my own, and you’re the band, well, you figure
it out."  Some of the dudes did okay, I don’t think anyone sucked that bad,
but it seems odd, at this early stage of the competition, for the contestants to
have to reconfigure classics (and oh, by the way, the folks at "American Idol"
need to look at a calendar because Danny’s version of "Jailhouse Rock" belonged
in 50’s week, as it was released in 1957, I believe) into something

We’ll see how the ladies do tonight, and after yesterday I can
probably guess there might have been a lot of scrambling, with maybe one of them
saying "I am now doing "Baby Love" by The Supremes, and you better figure out
how to make it sound like a version that Amy Winehouse would do."  Somehow
I don’t think that would actually happen. My guess is the judges will be saying
the same thing as yesterday, with maybe a couple girls, hopefully the
good-looking ones, somehow making the song their own.

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!