The Final Two for American Idol should be Sanjaya and Melinda.


The Dude on the Right

So Howard Stern’s crack news staff, or at least Steve Langford, is hell bent on
finding out the truth if the folks in charge of "American Idol" pretty much send
home who they want to, thus meaning all of those votes you cast don’t really
mean much.  I’m still sticking with my conspiracy theory of Sanjaya getting
booted off the week before their big charity show, and I still find it odd that
they don’t actually tell us who got how many votes.

Conspiracies aside, I’m
really happy this season is almost over because I really don’t care if any of
them win.  I suppose, for shear comic value, we should get on the Blake
bandwagon, but according to the Howard 100 News, and Mr. Langford’s sources
Blake is already set to be sent home this week.  We’ll see how the voting
pans out, but in any case here’s what I thought about
tonight’s singing.

First the songs the judges picked for the final three…

Jordin (from Simon): Sings "Wishing on a Star."  Horrible outfit –
it looks like she’s wearing a bra and a slip.  Singing was okay, but it
should be by this point.  Ehh.

Blake (from Paula): Sings
"Roxanne."  Nice vest.  I actually thought he did a good job with the
song, and so glad he didn’t screw it up with his beat-boxing crap he has been
doing in previous shows.  The problem is he’s not Sting.

Melinda (from
Sings "I Believe in You and Me." She’s really close to being the
entire package except for, and I hate to say this, but only some superficial
things.  She still needs to stop showing her upper gums, needs a little
dental work to close the front gap in her teeth, and she’s done a good job with
her weight so far, just needs to drop a couple more pounds.  Her singing
kicks ass, now it’s only superficiality for me.

Now the songs the producers
picked for them…

Jordin: Sings "She Works Hard for the Money." I
think I just figured out Jordin’s problem – she can’t work the audience. 
She sings fine enough, but when she tries to "perform" it looks like she is
trying too hard and just doesn’t connect.

Blake: Sings "This Love." He
was doing really well until he went back to the beat-box thing.  Maybe the
little girls like it and think it’s funny, and I know it tries to help him from
just doing a cover version, but I hate it.  Get rid of the beat-boxing crap
and he was great, and a better performer than Jordin.

Melinda: Sings "Nutbush
City Limits."  She rocked out, did great, and she should win, although she
needed to lose the mike stand and just roam the stage with the microphone.

now the songs the top three picked for themselves…

Jordin: Sings "I
(Who Have Nothing)."  She creaked a bit on a couple of notes.  It’s a
powerful song, and she didn’t sell it by staying in the middle of the stage and
not working the crowd.

Blake: Sings "When I Get You Alone."  It’s
too bad the fact that as a performer he is probably the best of the three, and
stop it with the beat box.  I didn’t like the beginning of the song, I grew
into it as the song went on, but since I hate his beat box shtick I lost it at
the end.

Melinda: Sings "I’m a Woman." She shows exactly why she should
win, even if she isn’t the pop-idol mold.

Much like I believed Yau-Man should
have been the winner on "Survivor," but thanks to Dreamz who totally didn’t
think of the big picture of life after "Survivor" and screwed Yau over, for
"American Idol" everyone thinks Melinda has this season in her hip pocket. 
Since I’m not surprised Sanjaya was booted the week before the charity show I
wouldn’t be surprised if Jordin or Blake actually win.  I love

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!