Remote Control Madness, “Survivor: Gabon,” and Who’s to Blame?


The Dude on the Right

Who knew that buying a new TV would send my life into a remote control meltdown,

but for this podcast
, as much as I’m happy I have my new HDTV, all of a
sudden I have realized that my way-cool Philips Pronto remote control, that
works through walls, needs to be reprogrammed, and if any of you know a good
location to get hex remote codes (I used to have a link through Premise Systems,
but I guess they are gone), I would greatly appreciate an e-mail with where to
go.  Sure, this last sentence probably means absolutely nothing to most of
you, but to us remote control programming nuts, trust me, it makes total sense.

But my lame remote control woes aside, TV is starting to kick into high gear,
especially with "Survivor: Gabon" starting tonight, and yes, I’m still watching
Survivor, much to the worrisome of my BFF.  I have to say I haven’t gotten
sucked back into "Dancing With the Stars," but I am back on board for "The
Biggest Loser: Families" and "Heroes."  The tricky part about T.V., though,
right now, is that The Chicago Cubs have secured a playoff spot, the Chicago
White Sox are letting the end of this season be a nail-biter, and even though I
now have five ways to record shows, sports are always best watched live. 
And I don’t have my programmable remote set up to help me with any of this yet.

Lastly, there’s also some blame to go around for a change in my weekend plans,
and who better to blame than a country.

Thanks for listening!

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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