Our Podcast: An Academy Award Wrap-Up – Jon Stewart was Great, and The Academy Still Doesn’t Get It.


The Dude on the Right

Stu Gotz is out of town so we don’t have a weekend wrap-up this time, just my
take on The Academy Award’s
broadcast.  As I was jotting down notes during the broadcast, with
brilliant thoughts like "I was rooting for
Paul Giamatti
to win for Best Supporting Actor because he was great in ‘Cinderella
,’ but also to see if he would thank
Howard Stern," and Jon
Stewart’s line "Pimp, sort of like an agent but with a better hat," I realized I
probably just should have done a blog about the entire thing, but in any case, I

Jon Stewart
was great, considering the crowd he was in front of.  I
also liked Rachel
‘s boobs and loved the acceptance speech from
Three 6 Mafia
Also, it still seems The Academy folks still don’t get it by chastising us, the
movie public, for renting/buying DVD’s and not going to the theater to see the
films, and by cutting off the speeches of the winners.  And if they do that
"music under the winner’s speeches even before they talked too long" thing again
next year, I might just have to stage a boycott.

Thanks for listening and reading, and as always I welcome your comments.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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