Our Blog: How Can a Major Cable TV Company Screw Up So Bad?


The Dude on the Right

I was going to do this Blog about hurricane Rita and how I figured God must have
messed up with Katrina, but instead, my blog has quickly shifted to my being
totally pissed at the cable TV company called Comcast.  Why?  Simply
because at the time of this writing, it’s 7:42PM, CDT, at least according to my
computer, and their sports channel, who took the rights from the Fox Sports
channel, is still out on my cable system.  Normally I wouldn’t care, except
tonight is the rubber match for this three game series between the Chicago White
Sox and the Cleveland Indians.  That’s right, the channel simply says "No
signal."  These people don’t even have a back-up to say something like "We
are experiencing technical difficulties."  Nope, just a blank, fucking,
screen, and I hate to get blue with this blog, but I find this unbelievable from
one of the largest cable companies in the United States, at least without the
ability to put something real on my screen.  This wouldn’t even be an
issue, except this is a game that can DECIDE THE WINNER OF THE DIVISION. 
I’ve seen dozens of other sport’s broadcasts where they have technical
difficulties, but at worst, they have, on screen, something saying they are
having problems with the broadcast, and at least better, have the broadcasters
on telephones, at least giving the play-by-play, even without the video. 
Yea, I know, I could find a radio and get the game, but I pay way too much money
for my cable TV, so I am way pissed off.  I just did a quick check of the
Major League Baseball site, I see my Indians scored a run, and I can’t watch it
because, well, now I’m stuck watching Martha Stewart in her Apprentice version. 
Fine, I hate to admit that I sort of wanted to see that show, but right now,
baseball takes a lot more precedence over what Martha will say when she cans
someone.  Yes, I did call the cable company, and they said they are having
problems, but the dude on the phone, who seemed nice enough, said he had no idea
when the problem would be fixed.  The problem isn’t when it will be fixed,
it’s just that why should I have to call?  Why can’t you put something on
my TV screen that says there are problems going on, rather than just "No

Oh, by the way, for this episode, Martha said "Jeffrey, you just don’t fit
in."  Then told him "Goodbye," and wrote him a note.  But now it’s
time for "Lost," and hopefully the game will be back on, otherwise, I’ll just
have to keep watching my internet screen to seen the Gameday Live update.

If I can get to another blog tomorrow, I’ll explain how God must have messed
up, but for now I’m just pissed.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!