Lot’s of Super Talk About a Bowl and Voting, Bob’s House Was the Best, and I Could Be A Stripper.


The Dude on the Right

One of these Mondays Stu Gotz and I will get back together to do a proper
Weekend Wrap-Up Podcast, but I’m guessing Stu was suffering from a Super Week
hangover and couldn’t get together with me today. So, I’m flying solo

for this podcast
, but for, me it’s also about Super Week, too. Sure, I give my
brilliant analysis of the Super Bowl and the win by the New York Giants, and I
also give some deconstruction of tomorrow’s Super (thanks for asking) Tuesday elections. I also had
a chance to be a Super Stripper over the weekend, with four phone calls
requesting my services, and I don’t even tell you about my seeing a

not-Super movie
during this podcast.

And finally with the
Super Bowl comes Super Commercials and most people are spouting about how
sensitive the "Hank the Horse" Budweiser commercial was, I did laugh a lot
during the FedEx "Carrier Pigeon" and the screaming squirrel for Bridgestone
Tires commercials, and as much as I liked the inspirational story about Chester
Pitts and his playing the oboe, for me, the best commercial of the day was
buried, sadly, in the Super Bowl Pre-Game.  It was a Pepsi commercial
called "Bob’s House," which I felt the Pepsi people actually screwed up by
"explaining" it before it ran, and since
the Pepsi Link
isn’t as intuitive to get the commercial to run, after you listen to the
podcast, come back and watch the commercial through the YouTube link below
(which hopefully will still be active). 
You might have to think, just a little, to get it.

Thanks for listening!

And watch the "Bob’s House" commercial here…

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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