It’s March Madness Baby! And I’ve Got North Carolina? And Politics?


The Dude on the Right

March Madness Baby!  I suppose I could go back and look at the calendars,
but doesn’t this College Basketball tournament season seem to be a week later,
we all know Easter is at its earliest, and my being on the road tomorrow is
going to drive me crazy because I won’t have an instant wireless connection to
update the scores of every NCAA tournament game so I know that I’m still alive
to win $5 Million bucks thanks to Yahoo!.  That, and it’s also snowing at
home (the picture on the right I stole from my sister).  I am also torn
because I entered about six online pools and wondered if I should go for broke,
with the same picks on every site, winning tickets to next year’s Final Four,
about $20,000 bucks, a couple of flat-screen TVs, and something else, or should
I change my picks for every site hoping to just win something.  I went for
broke.  Come sometime in April I will have a very cool Dude-Pad with money
to spare and TV’s, that is, unless, Michigan State can’t get through a few rounds
and Kansas State can’t, at least, beat USC in the first round.

Also, with it
being Easter weekend and today being the 5th year anniversary of our looking for
weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (at least we found Saddam Hussein, but where
is Osama bin Laden?), I still wonder if I should get into political thoughts on
my website.  His wacky Pastor aside, especially because as I have been
sitting in a Church and took what my Pastor said with a grain of salt, I still
think Barack Obama shows himself as a better states-person.  There, I said
it again, I’m a Barack Obama man, and why in the hell can’t we just get rid of
all of this delegate crap since we seem to know how to count votes in 2008. 

Good luck with your March Madness picks, especially since I have
Vanderbilt beating Kansas.

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!