I’m In Love With Martina McBride, But I’m Voting for Sanjaya!


The Dude on the Right

It’s country night this week, with Martina McBride being the coach/mentor. 
I will assume many of the contestants had no idea who she was, but I’ve always
found her fabulously hot, especially with her gorgeous blue eyes and with the
longer hair she was sporting for this week’s show.  Martina really seemed
to be trying to help the contestants, which probably goes along with her country
roots, and for a change, most of them seemed to listen to what she had to say. 
As it goes, here’s my wrap-up:

Phil: Sings "Where The Blacktop Ends." 
All I could think is that if he wore a cowboy hat, or what is even more popular
now for country dudes, a baseball cap, I would maybe stop thinking about his
bald head.  He performed well enough that this might keep him around for
another week.  Country might be his niche.

Jordin: Sings "Broken
Wing."  Did a nice version of the song, but crackled here and there. 
I hate being superficial with her, but she could still afford to lose a pound or
two because her voice kicks butt.  She listened to Martina’s advice to just
sing the song, and did a good job.

Sanjaya: Sings "Let’s Give Them
Something to Talk About."  Nice bandana and hair!  He’s back to being
the Sanjaya we know and love, one that can’t sing and is just trying to be
quirky.  If he’s not in the bottom three we know the Sanjaya movement is in
full force!  Vote for Sanjaya!

LeKisha: Sings "Jesus, Take the
Wheel."  Yup, it’s the Carrie Underwood song.  Finally an outfit that
works great for her, and she really seemed to get the Carrie Underwood/country
vibe.  Of all of the times I have seen her, this was the most I have ever
liked her, except for one thing she can’t fix yet, and that’s the gap between
her front teeth.  Maybe this one sounded better on TV than in the studio
because I actually liked her this week.

Chris: Sings "Mayberry." 
Throw a baseball cap on this dude and Kenny Chesney might have something to
worry about.  Why have the dudes suddenly become country singers?

Sings "Trouble is a Woman."  She knows how to "bring it," but
her top was iffy on the outfit side.  She brought the sass, she sang fine,
and just did a great job.  Paula is dancing, so maybe that’s a good sign
for Melinda.  Simon even liked it, and gave some other great advice about
stopping being so humble.

Blake: Sings "When the Stars Go Blue." 
Other than the sweater, and his seeming to miss the falsetto moments, and
missing other notes, we found out he couldn’t "sing" the song okay, but
"performed" it nicely.  From the judges comments I guess it sounded a hell
of a lot better live because I thought he sounded lousy.

And in wrapping up
this week’s synopsis I don’t think Simon, Paula, nor Randy understand this era
of country, nor did they ever really like most any country movement.  The
country week for this group makes the voting a total toss-up.  Phil sang
well but needed a hat; Jordin has a lot of potential – just don’t go bulimic;
Sanjaya, is, well, Sanjaya; I thought LeKisha was great but needs better teeth;
Chris just needed a baseball cap; Melinda, well, she did the best; and Blake was
a performer, not a singer tonight.

Since Gina is gone I only have one person
to vote for now, and you probably know who that is.  Since I can’t vote for
Martina McBride, I’m voting for Sanjaya!!!

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!