Idol’s Going to Hollywood, “Survivor” Has Fake Boobs, and Why I Voted for Barack Obama.


The Dude on the Right

This Thursday podcast
gives me reason for hope.  One part of hope deals
with the fact that "American Idol" is now moving on to Hollywood, where
hopefully Paula Abdul will go into full Paula mode, complete with sound clips
making podcasts just a little more exciting.  A second part of hope goes
along with the new season of "Survivor: Micronesia," where we have favorites vs.
fans, but more importantly, we have more women with fake boobs than ever before,
and the hope that they last for most of the season.

I suppose not really a
reason for hope, but this election season is showing just how messed up our
election process is.  Conservative Republicans, or at least those who are
the supposed voices of the conservative Republicans, don’t seem to like John
McCain, but now that Mitt Romney has bowed out of the race they are thinking of
rallying their troops to vote for Hillary Clinton so that she will be the
Democratic nominee.  Why?  Because they think McCain has a better
chance of beating Hillary rather than Barack Obama.  And I’ll admit it
here, I voted for Barack Obama in the Illinois primary last Tuesday, partly for
the hope of what he stands for, but maybe more so for a different reason that I
try to detail during the podcast.

And as a last bid for hope, here’s hoping
Stu Gotz and I get back together on Monday for a Weekend Wrap-Up Podcast, where
I hope he likes a new song I found that I’m going to preview for him.

for hope and

thanks for listening!

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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