Feeling Under the Weather, at Least “American Idol” is Finally Down to Twelve.


The Dude on the Right

I’ve been a little under the weather lately, but it sounds like a lot of other
folks out there are feeling the same.  Maybe we’re just waiting for spring
to finally get here, and it’s the end of winter blues, or it’s some weird cold
that is just going around, but in any case, that’s limited my postings, at least
since my

Academy Award Recap Podcast
, so mostly I’ve just been doing some
behind-the-scenes work like standardizing the animation for "Stu
& The Dude Reviewin’ the Movies for You!
", playing with better ways to get
TV audio clips incorporated into podcasts, and just trying to get my vim and
vigor back.  Thankfully, for my viewing pleasure, there was a fantastic
episode of "24"
last Monday, and of course I’m sucked into "American
" which is great background while trying to do other stuff.  I
guess it’s kind of appropriate then, that as I type this blog entry, on the TV
above my computer is "American Idol" as they widdle it down to the final twelve. 
Don’t worry, though, my TiVo is recording "Survivor:
Exile Island
," and thankfully, "Smallville"
is a re-run this week so that doesn’t play into my TV viewing.

As far as
"American Idol" goes, I’ve been developing my favorites and my least favorites,
but for now there are still just too many people to remember them all. 
There’s the dude labeled as "Chicken
Little" or "Egghead
" on the message boards, there are the other dudes I call
Bald, Rocker Dude
," "The
Smiley Dude
," "The
Old, Gray-Haired Dude
," "The
‘Girls Think He’s Dreamy’ Dude
," "The
Country Dude Who’s Not Bo Bice,
" and then there are a few others not really
impressing me yet.  On the dudette side, a lot of them are grouped together
for me at this point, and I was an initial fan of the
old, cute, black dudettes with the kick-ass voice, but lately they’ve been
lacking.  Also, I’m not buying that

is as "dumb-blondish" as she is portraying herself, the "Basketball
" is good but lacks some stage presence, and in not being anything
close to politically correct, the
black dudette
is as good as Aretha Franklin, but half the size.  The
one I’m liking most, though, is

, especially since I can remember her name and she seems a little
more real than Kellie, and she’s got a great smile.

As I’m finishing up this
blog, I have no idea how Chicken Little, I mean Kevin, is still in this (he just
got told he’s in the final twelve) other than he’s getting the Anti-Idol vote,
or he just is appealing to, well, I don’t know who he appealing to (someone,
please, if you know, give me a hint, please, because my comments on my notepad,
as he started singing "Vincent" were ‘He got three words out and I instantly
thought he should be gone after tonight’, and yet, he’s still there).

"American Idol" is wrapping up tonight and it’s adios Kinnik (not really a
surprise), The Basketball Dudette (Ayla – but I thought Lisa and Paris weren’t
as up to par as her this time, and she seemed to be the most bummed of all to
get booted off the island, I mean Idol), Will (his boyish charm couldn’t
overcome his lack of stage presence), and The Smiley Dude (Gedeon – he should
have gotten to the final twelve over Kevin or Elliot).

Thankfully Idol is back
to it’s normal two nights a week starting next week, being Tuesdays and
Wednesdays, because I was really getting concerned if "Smallville" started
having new episodes.  I’m still able to easily juggle two of my favorite
shows at the same time, three is a little tougher, and four puts me into panic
mode (you have no idea how much "The Olympics" put me in a tailspin.  I
know, I should just spend the damn money on, like, four or five more TiVo boxes. 
Do you think if I mention TiVo a few more times they might just send me a few
boxes with lifetime subscriptions for the hell of it if I just keep mentioning
TiVo because TiVo is the greatest thing to hit television since, well,
television).  Well, even with all of my professing how great TiVo is, I
doubt any free things are coming my way, so, in any case, I’ll just have to keep
juggling, TiVo’ing, VCR’ing, live watching, or just waiting for the non-reality
shows to pop back up in reruns.  Damn, I hate TV.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!