Ellen DeGeneres and Her Dog? World War III? Who Cares, Drew Carey is Hosting “The Price is Right.”


The Dude on the Right

After the events of yesterday I was going to blog about Ellen DeGeneres
and her dog fiasco, but since the audio is really the key I figured I’ll wait
for my hopeful podcast tomorrow to fill you all in on my feelings about Ellen. 
The dumb part is that I didn’t tape today’s episode of "Ellen" to see if she had
anything new to say so I suppose I’ll have to do some investigating tonight.

Other than Ellen the other news of today was that President Bush said we
might have World War III if Iran developed a nuclear, or is that nucular,

But that’s not important either.

What is important is that this week
new episodes of "The Price is Right" returned to the airwaves, with
Drew Carey
now hosting instead of Bob Barker, and at this point in
time I’ll just say, "I guess we’d better revisit this in a month or two."

asked for my mom’s first impressions but she didn’t see it yet.  I also
asked her if dad watched it and what he thought of it, but she pretty much
acknowledged dad doesn’t like Drew Carey, and once dad has something set in his
mind, Drew could come off as the greatest game show host ever and my dad would
still not like him.  Mom still has yet to report back if dad even watched
the new episodes.

But I TiVo’d the second episode with Drew, and all I can say
is that you can tell Mr. Carey is trying to feel his way into being the host of
the show, and for me, it’s not working right now.  But I suppose that
shouldn’t be a surprise.  Hell, he is taking over for Bob Barker.

first problem I had was that Drew Carey tries a little too hard to relate to the
contestants and sometimes seems to talk too much.  He hasn’t come up with
that smoothness Bob Barker always seems to have with the contestants, no matter
how loopy the players seem to be, but that might come in time.  The second
problem I had was the camera work seemed a little choppy, and this kind of
surprised me especially with the history of the show.  The third problem is
Drew doesn’t seem that comfortable explaining the games which should be second
nature no matter what stage you are at hosting.  And the fourth problem I
had was Drew’s wireless microphone, with that big box on the bottom, looked
stupid compared to Bob’s sleek one.

Since I’m usually doing stuff during the
morning and don’t watch "The Price is Right" until I visit the old homestead
because dad is a fan, as an un-regular watcher Drew Carey has a lot of work to
do to get his familiarity with the show down, and I guess that’s why I started
this blog with a mention that maybe we should revisit Drew Carey’s hosting of
"The Price is Right" in a month or two.  There is some potential for Drew,
but in my weird observation he just needs to quick trying too hard, don’t try to
relate to the contestants, and just kick back, relax, and let the show be "The
Price is Right."  The contestants usually know the show, and you don’t need
to care that much about them.

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!