Did You Vote for Sanjaya on “American Idol?”


The Dude on the Right

We’re still voting for Sanjaya, right?  It doesn’t matter that I think he
butchered "You Really Got Me," even though Paula and Randy seemed to think the
Sanjaya-man was coming into his own.

Anyway, it was a night of the ’60s
invasion, and most of the singers had no clue what they were singing, but I have
to say that their "coaches" probably did the best I have seen at making the
singers understand their songs.

I’ve already gotten through four times voting
for Sanjaya (I hope I have the right number), so I hope that isn’t a bad sign,
but in any case, here’s my thoughts on the singing tonight.

Haley: Sang
"Tell Him."  She broke out of her shell, great outfit showing her assets,
but smiles too much. Simon: "You naughty little thing." And I agree, who cares
about her singing.

Chris: (with almost no hair): Sang "Don’t Let the Sun Get you Cryin’"
Thought he sounded good, but seems to lose it in on the "personality" side.

Stephanie: Sang "You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me." Good song, just
off a bit. Something is missing in terms of performance.

Blake:  Sang "Time of the Season," complete with Paula dancing. I
think Randy is screwed in the head, and so was Paula, because they both liked
him.  I thought he was okay, in a "Dancing Robot" kind of way, but how do
you turn that into a concert act?

LeKisha: Sang "Diamonds are Forever." It was a horrible dress, but she
still has a great voice. She doesn’t have the stage presence as the singer, and
I can’t believe our Fox affiliate is having problems with their feed right now.

Phil: (The Bald Dude): Sang "Tobacco Road."  Still the best so
far out of the dudes, but man, he can’t pull off the bald look. Maybe he just
tried too hard for Simon.

Jordin: Sang "I Who Have Nothing."  Unless Melinda blows everyone
out of the water, Jordin is turning into the person to beat. She has the voice,
and the looks, and the attitude, to put herself into Kelly Clarkson mode.

Sanjaya: Sang "You Really Got Me." What the hell was with the crying
girl in the audience? Simon has a look on his face like "Oh my ‘f’-ing God. What
the hell was that?" Paula and Randy seemed to like him because he ran around the
stage, but he sounded like crap on my TV.  VOTE FOR SANJAYA!

Gina: Sang "Paint it Black."  Lose about 15 pounds and she could
turn into the Pat Benatar of 2007. She’s not a pop-idol and needs to follow the
Chris Daughtry road, getting out of the "American Idol" mold. Simon misses her
potential this week, I think, but in the end she’s not for this show.

Chris (with bushy hair): Sang "She’s Not There."  A good voice
but is just missing the stage presence to put him into the next league. He’s
trying, but it’s not natural.

Melinda: Sang "As Long as He Needs Me."  She has the killer
voice, and great stage presence, but, isn’t an "American Idol" personality. 
Doesn’t matter, she will be a force to be reckoned with in the R&B movement.

I’ve gotten through a couple of more time in my voting for Sanjaya while I
was typing this blog, so we’ll see what happens in keeping him along.  In
any case "American Idol" has gotten boring this year, at least for the singing. 
Right now, thanks for Sanjaya.  We’ll see if he is safe in the results show

In any case, always keep voting for your "American Idol." It’s kind of like
living in Chicago where you vote early, and you vote often.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!