Bears Win!, A Dead TV, The MTV VMA’s, and no Stu Gotz.


The Dude on the Right

Okay, fine, I don’t really talk about the MTV Video Music Awards that much

during this podcast
mostly because I thought Britney Spears’ opening was
kind of lame, and I was more distraught about my TV taking a crap about four
months before I really wanted to buy a new one.  But hey, at least I was
sadly able to watch the Cleveland Browns get their asses kicked and happily saw
most of the Chicago Bears kicking ass before I fell asleep on my couch, in front
of my little TV that I had to bring up from my basement area to my living room. 
In case you can’t tell, this TV thing is really pissing me off, especially since
a $1.00 fuse from Radio Shack, and my risking life and limb, didn’t fix the damn

The worst part?  Stu Gotz isn’t in town to do our "Weekend
Wrap-Up!", so I’ve got no one to really bitch to about my TV, nor have someone
to convince me to spend money I don’t have on something like a monster, 65" LCD

And now, with my TV worries in front of me, I’ve also got to worry if my
BFF will want to see "The Women" at the movies (and by the way, I thought the
new version of "At The Movies," without Richard Roeper, sucked, but that’s a
podcast for another time), this weekend, instead of Brad Pitt in "Burn After
Reading."  Who wouldn’t want to see Brad Pitt get punched in the nose by
John Malkovich?

Thanks for listening!

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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