An “American Idol” Recap, and some FCC Fine Rantings.


The Dude on the Right

I was going to write a blog on this, but for the sake of expedience, I decided
to do a long-winded podcast.  First off I give you my incredible recap of
last night’s "American
" performances, hoping that Kevin, a.k.a. "Chicken Little" gets sent
home tonight, and how sick I am of

Kellie Pickler
and her dumb-blonde attitude, that, and the fact, that if you
aren’t familiar with Stevie Wonder, you don’t deserve to be on "American Idol."

Mostly, though, this podcast deals with the recent

FCC rulings
, giving a penalty to a community college TV station broadcasting
a documentary about the blues, how FOX got lucky with the 2003 Billboard Awards,
where Nicole Richie dropped both the S-Bomb and the F-Bomb, because the FCC
didn’t reverse the ruling on Bono’s F-Bomb, calling any utterance of the word
"fuck" indecent, until 2004, how
is still untouchable it seems, and the absurdity of a complaint about
Chris Rock hosting "The Academy Awards."  Then, of course, they hit CBS, it
seems their favorite target, with a $3.6 million penalty for an episode of "Without
a Trace
."  Yes, that’s right, "Without a Trace."

In the end I’m
calling for new guidelines for filing a complaint, namely that when you send in
said complaint, you have to swear to your God, and on the lives of your children
and loved ones, that you actually watched the show you were offended by. 

Chairman Martin
wrote that "the number of complaints received by the
Commission has risen year after year.  They have grown from hundreds, to
hundreds of thousands."  My guess, and it’s just my guess, but hundreds of
thousands of those complaints are nearly identical, form letters sent by e-mail,
by a couple of groups, disbursed to their e-mail lists, wanting the government
to be the parents that parents can’t seem to be.  I say you can’t file a
complaint unless you watched a show and it offended you, not that someone told
you it was offensive and to file a complaint.

Alright, my podcast went on too
long, and this podcast recap is even too long, damn.  Oh, wait, can I use
the word "damn?"  I don’t know.  Shit?  No, wait, I was using
"shit" as a question of wonder, not about poop.  Oh, no, can I use the word
"poop?"  Fuck?  Wait, that’s a question of wonder as well, not meaning
"screwing."  Oh, no, can I use the word "screwing?"  I guess I’m just
glad that I’m not a network broadcaster because how can four or five people
decide what should or should not be seen on TV or heard on radio.  My
feeling is that the public decides, by watching or listening, and the networks
obey by having shows run or canceling shows quickly.  I’ve got to end this
now and watch "Survivor" and the "American Idol" vote-off show.  Hopefully
neither the FCC, nor the
PTC, start deciding who
gets voted off of those shows, and if our government decides they should start
regulating things like satellite radio, especially my
Howard Stern listening,
which has been hinted at, they will have to deal with my wrath.  Alright, I
have no wrath, but I’ll be pissed.  No, wait, I was using "pissed" as
meaning I was upset, not about pee.  Oh, no, can I use the word "pee?" 

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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