“American Idol” Gives us Blake and Jordin. And Who Cares, Conspiracy Theories be Damned.


The Dude on the Right

Okay, I’m having computer issues making posting things not as easy as they used
to be, at least for now, but it’s the "American Idol" finals so I knew I
couldn’t let any of you down in getting this posted, no matter the difficulties.

We’ve got Blake.  We’ve got Jordin.  And we don’t have Sanjaya nor
Melinda, which I think is a travesty.  An "American Idol" conspiracy, maybe
tomorrow we’ll have the votes certified by some accountants, but it’s too late
for that now because who cares at this point, because at this point it’s dude
against dudette; Perky against Beat-Box.  And here’s what I think…

Blake 1: Sings "You Give Love a Bad Name."
  The Robot was funny in the
movie "Euro Trip," but Blake’s stuff is just getting old.  He does work it
as a performer, but now it turns into selling records, and I won’t buy it. 
Hopefully they’ll straighten him out in the recording studio and forget about
the beat-box crap because he does sing well.  Simon has it right that he is
a good performer.

Jordin 1: Sings "Fighter." She looks like she lost a
couple of more pounds, which works, and this time starts actually trying to be a
performer instead of just a singer.  The side-shot was bad as she was
hunched over, and although not as charismatic as Christina Aguilera she’s coming

Blake 2: Sings "She Will be Loved." Good song choice and he
sings it well.  Win or lose this shows his potential to be a singer without
the beat-box shtick.

Jordin 2: Sings "A Broken Wing." Yup, they’re
trying to primp her out of the little black girl to the mature singer (she is
only 17 after all) role with the hair changes and the outfits.  We know she
sings great, but she still hasn’t busted out as a performer yet.

Blake 3:
Sings "This is My Now."
 A songwriting contest winner.  You can
probably figure Blake (or Jordin) would rather sing a solid song from an
established songwriter, but Blake does his best to work the song, and be the
performer he is.

Jordin 3: Sings "This is My Now." Trying to look
older, trying to look not so perky, and it doesn’t work for her, at least in my
head for her recording career.  We liked her because she was young, perky,
with curly hair and not trying to look older than being 17.  She’s not the
sexy/dirty Christina, she’s not the sexy/dirty Britney, she’s the bouncy and
perky Whitney, and they took that away from her tonight.

I’m still thinking
Jordin will beat Blake, at least I hope so, but they tried to add about 4 or 5
years to Jordin when she didn’t really need it.  Let her be the perky
teenager she is, give us that music she can do, but don’t try to fool us because
she’s still just a teenager, and not in the vein of the dirty girl of Britney or

On a personal note, I’m really happy "American Idol" is over
tomorrow.  The better singers/performers/hot girls are long gone, and we
are, and I"m sorry to put it this way, we are left with Jordin and Blake. 
Of who is left, well, they both win because the record company already knows
what to do with them, conspiracy theories be damned.

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!