Do Thunderstorms Freak Out Your Dog?

Do Thunderstorms Freak Out Your Dog?

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With Spring finally seeming to arrive yesterday here in the Chicago area as the temperature shot about 80 degrees, also comes the talk of spring storms, and a winter of Milo only barking at things like the snow plow guy and the few times kids played outside in the -10 below temperatures will quickly turn into his notifying us of an oncoming storm.

Milo isn’t a fan of noise, getting even more grumpy in his old age, and whereas he used to be a little more calm when a thunderstorm hit, he’s starting to change his tune and be even more barky as the thunder rolls. He doesn’t technically freak out when a storm comes, being one of those dogs that hides under a bed and wimpers, although that might be nicer than the barking, but he does make storms a bastion of “It’s okay. Be quiet.”, and looking at the radar to know when we can expect him to be over the storm.

We’ve tried the Thundershirt, and it kind of helps, we’ve tried treats, and that just makes him more demanding, but Milo is Milo, and Milo likes to bark. If you’ve got any sure-fire solutions that helped you with your dog in a thunderstorm I’d love to hear them, though for now I suppose it could be worse, and thankfully the storms don’t last too long (usually), and aren’t every day, but I wonder: Do thunderstorms freak out your dog?

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