Have You Seen a Semi with Sprewells?

Have you seen a semi with Sprewells?

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As winter breaks here in Chicago, the “summer” cars have started to appear, especially last weekend when we sort of had our first “nice” day of the year. You know those cars, the fancy ones, the Corvettes, or classic rides that the dude won’t bring out in the winter because he doesn’t want the salt damage to the underbody. I’ve also started seeing, for whatever reason, more cars with Sprewells on them. Okay, they most likely aren’t true “Sprewells,” just spinner rims, but kinda like Kleenex becoming generic for tissues, I’m using Sprewells in the generic sense of the word, those rims that keep spinning when the car comes to a stop.

Maybe they’re on the uptick in popularity again, or just one of those things I’m seeing nowadays, but I’m generally fascinated by them. First there are the good Sprewells, the well-maintained (also read “expensive”) ones that spin freely, are clean enough to probably eat off of, and generally on a car someone seems really proud of. Then there are the “poser” ones, on junker cars where the cheap spinners probably cost more than the car, they don’t really spin well, and look like they’ve been through, well, a Chicago winter.

This seems normal enough, especially in the urban-ness of Chicago, but the other day, driving down the expressway, I look to the side of me and there it is, a semi, big-rig, 18-wheeler if you will, and on it were Sprewells. The best part was it was sort of stop-and-go traffic, so I got to see his spinners in action, and my man seemed to take good care of them as they seemed to spin freely, and had a good shine. That or he just busted them out of winter storage for the summer months.

Sure, maybe you’ve never actually seen a car with Sprewells on it, so I’ll leave an option in the poll box for even seeing spinners, but really, this one is about seeing an 18-wheeler with spinners, because, really, who doesn’t like a trucker whose hip, or stuck back in the 2000’s.

That’s it for this one! L8R!!!