What’s the bigger story: Microsoft buys a phone, Android likes candy, or Apple is having a meeting?

Yesterday there seemed to be technology news all around, with each company hoping to trump the other it seems. In the morning we woke up to find that Microsoft is finally doing something many folks say should have been done long ago, or at least now they are copying Google instead of Apple, by purchasing a phone company. Much like Google bought Motorola, or technically Motorola Mobility I guess, Microsoft has decided to buy Nokia. Not a huge surprise to many, but maybe a little too late to the smartphone playground to matter is what others think.

In other news, Google has decided it doesn’t like pie, but instead prefers candy, saying that their next operating system that will probably take years to be implemented across devices (Yes, that is a dig at the Android system taking too long to be implemented across carriers) will not be called Key Lime Pie as was widely rumored, but somehow Google Android is teaming with Nestle and calling the next version of the Android OS, well, KitKat.

Then, of course, trumping them all, and on the news this morning with nary a story about Microsoft nor Android, is the final tech story from yesterday, that being Apple announcing their “Media Event,” under the tag-line “This should brighten everyone’s day.” Yup, in one of the worst kept secrets Apple officially announced their event for September 10th where they will undoubtedly announce their new line-up of iPhones, including the iPhone 5s which may or may not have a fingerprint sensor, and the iPhone 5c which may or may not be cheaper and in many colors.

Poor Microsoft, a victim of Apple ruining their headline. Google throwing out a story that seems like “We just need something out there.”, and Apple trumping them all with a story everyone knew was coming. The next question is will Samsung’s announcement of a watch trump them all if they announce it today?

I guess this answer probably centers around your OS loyalty, but in the end I plight:¬†What’s the bigger story: Microsoft buys a phone, Android likes candy, or Apple is having a meeting? I leave the watch for later.

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!