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Thanksgiving – Time for a Break or To Move On?

It’s Thanksgiving-time and The Dude on the Right is thankful, but also reflectful. He thinks about the start of Entertainment Ave!, the many features that have been a part of the site through the years, the daunting task of updating the over 750 reviews and articles, but also thinks it might be a time for a break for re-assessing, re-evaluating, and maybe reconditioning. Or maybe it’s just time to move on.

Breaking the Girls

Even girl-on-girl action doesn’t seem to allow The Dude on the Right to recommend this movie, and he can usually find the good in any movie. Bad acting, a re-hashed story, and just plain nothing special and he almost gives it Zero stars. Sadly the 1/2 star is for a badly-acted, drunken scene.


Do you need a refresher on how to live a healthy, vitality filled life? If you answered “Yes,” then go ahead and get yourself “Vitality,” a little documentary about living a little more healthy. It’s not the most groundbreaking of documentaries about health, but might remind you that the bedroom should be for sleeping and sex, and not for watching Jimmy Kimmel or the evening news.


Looking for a fun movie in the sci-fi, horror, comedy genre? The Dude on the Right highly recommends “Grabbers,” about a big, giant octopus alien things and all of its little babies. Lots of impaling, some decapitations, and drunk Irish people. Combine them all together in the right way, and The Dude on the Right thinks you have good fun!

Dealin’ With Idiots

The Dude on the Right might be an idiot, but he can still understand the humor in the movie “Dealin’ With Idiots.” The movie is from Jeff Garlin so you can probably understand the kind of humor coming on the screen. If that’s not for you, don’t complain, but if you like the “mockumentary” kind of movie, or the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” kind of thing, this movie will be for you, at least so says The Dude.

Curse of Chucky

Back in true horror mode, “Curse of Chucky” returns the doll that just won’t die to horror greatness. Yes, we know the doll is evil. Yes, we know that it will go on a killing spree. Yes, we know that people are stupid in horror films. And yes, you might not believe it, but the movie is actually a good horror movie. The Dude on the Right gives his 4 out of 5 star review.

Gimme the Loot

Want to see a well-done movie about two teens being teens for a couple of days? Sure, they might be graffiti taggers, and sure, they might swear a lot, and sure, they might get into trouble, but for a fun story that shows a weird world of graffiti taggers, surviving the Bronx, trying to become famous, and maybe falling in love, get “Gimme the Loot” and be entertained.

Java Heat

“Java Heat” made The Dude on the Right a little sad because it’s a movie that had a lot of potential lost in some bad acting and a wasted role for Mickey Rourke. Arlo Bayu was good, though, and it’s got some action and gratuitous violence, so for a rental on an evening it isn’t that bad.

Frankenstein’s Army

In the genre of campy horror films, “Frankenstein’s Army” is up there with the campiness of them, but The Dude on the Right isn’t a fan of “found footage” kind of films, so that influences his thoughts on the film. He also wishes there was more Propellerhead, but thinks the steampunk inspired zombots are pretty cool. It’s all in his review!


Some people loved Ed Koch. Some people didn’t. The documentary, “Koch,” doesn’t play favorites, instead just giving a nice retrospective of the man and his legacy. We learn he’s never been to Red Lobster, we learn some considered him an opportunist, but most of all we learn he loved New York City. The Dude on the Right gives his review.

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