Stu & The Dude’s Weekend Wrap-Up: Missing the Steve & Garry Reunion, A Song for Stu, and Some “Accepted” Talk.


The Dude on the Right

Stu & I hooked up again.  No, not in that way, we met this morning to chat
about our weekend.  As is usual for me I do some movie talking, this time
about my seeing "Accepted,"
and we both do a little discussing about "Snakes on a Plane" in preparation for
our next episode of "Stu
& The Dude Reviewin’ the Movies for You
" (to be posted later this week). 
I’ve also decided that I am blaming my brother for my missing getting any photos
of the "Steve
Dahl & Garry Meier
" reunion.  Stu was looking for a special song for
Mama Gotz, and it turns out I have the album collection, "40 Funky Favorites,"
complete with pops and crackles.  Who knew a song called "Beep Beep" could
drive Stu nuts?

I also do some talking about the

William Shatner Roast on Comedy Central
, and how I would like to be a guest
reviewer with Richard Roeper on the
Ebert & Roeper show. 
Stu thinks he would be the better choice, but my selling point is that I would
keep my bag on.  Dreams aside, Stu also wonders about a neighborhood block
party gone, well, not as planned.  We’re all over the place for this

Thanks for listening.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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