Is There a Commercial that Drives Your Pet Bonkers?

Andy now hates Mark Cuban. He used to like Mark Cuban, but now that he’s the star of an AT&T commercial that drives his dog, Milo, bonkers, he just can’t take any of Mr. Cuban’s antics, or at least this commercial. Andy’s worried he will now have to stop watching sporting events, the local news, and Shark Tank because of Mark.

Hot Guys with Guns

Available through VOD now! On DVD May 8th!
Andy wasn’t really sure about watching “Hot Guys with Guns,” especially since he thought it was just going to be some low-budget, buddy movie want-a-be. Bizarrely entertaining seems to be the rallying description of the movie, and when all is said and done, he was happy he spent a few hours with Danny and Pip.


Andy liked “Everyday,” but gives his proverbial warning that this is an artsy-kind of film, meaning that even though he gives it a high rating, it isn’t for everyone.

Have You Gone Somewhere to do Something You’re Not Supposed to Do?

Wrigley FieldA news report about the Chicago White Sox Opening Day festivities had the proverbial police officer warning that they would be on the lookout mostly for drunks, people getting drunk, and general mayhem. Also, if you’re planning on heading to the game to do something you’re not supposed to do, you better be careful because they are watching for you people, too. Andy wonders about you people, going somewhere to do something you’re not supposed to do.