When Funny is Shot Down

Andy nearly spit out his coffee when he saw the magazine covers, but his wife failed to see the humor in his new-found funny. Andy wonders about funny being shot down, but mostly if you find this picture funny.

The Halloween Lie?

Left with bags of candy, Andy is beginning to think that the stories of masses of trick-or-treaters is just propaganda perpetrated by the candy companies. He’s left with bags of candy to eat, but wonders about the throngs of little kids that made it to your house.

It’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Time

Andy might be in his forties, but he still likes the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, even if it will get him the occasional look of “You’re an old man. What are you eating that for?” He figures they are really just jealous, and then wonders how much jelly they like on their sandwich.

Shopping Until You’re Dropping

Halloween isn’t even over yet and Andy is thinking about Christmas. It’s time to bust out the tree, the model train, and to start figuring out what to where that will his “Christmas Best,” but even he hasn’t started shopping yet. With the holiday now less than two months away he is wondering about your shopping habits.

To Eat Ice Cream, or Not Eat Ice Cream?

Like many people Andy wrestles if he should even bother to vote because in the end it seems no one can make a difference. He also has the difficulty of figuring out where he should vote with his move. He’ll figure it out, if anything to see if either Governor Quinn or Bruce Rauner in Illinois can figure out how to work with Mike Madigan.

Sitting Where Their Butt Sat

Moving is leaving a lot of new experiences for Andy to wonder about, and with a toilet seat swap necessary for the Mighty Ferguson in the new pad, he wonders about toilet seats and moving.