Only 68 Days Left

You can try to claim your billions, you can wave to the person on the side of the road in a Statue of Liberty costume, but Andy is mostly wondering your progress in your tax filing.

The Overnighters

The OvernightersGo to North Dakota and make millions, or at least get a job. That was the dream of many, and for some that dream became a reality. For many others, though, that dream became a nightmare, or at least a bigger struggle, especially for one Reverend who had his own troubles while trying to help others. Andy reviews “The Overnighters,” a 4 star of 5 documentary.

Another Story of Super Bowl Gluttony

Chicken Wing Preparation for the Super BowlAndy tried to help up the average of chicken wings eaten on Super Bowl Sunday, but he doesn’t think his total was nearly enough to get to the number the National Chicken Council said would be eaten. He wonders about your chicken wing gluttony.

The Real Office Competition

Andy didn’t order any Girl Scout Cookies from people he knows mostly because he doesn’t like the waiting for them aspect. He does wonder, though, who you get your Thin Mint fix from.

Eww, it’s gross in there!

Andy never thought twice about diving into the seat-back pocket in front of him on an airplane. He would think once, maybe, and understand what might lurk in the dampness and darkness, but SkyMall was waiting for him, so thought number two never made it. With SkyMall going away, he has no reason to gross out his wife when flying any longer, but he does wonder if you dive into that seat-back pocket.