What’s New? A Movie Review of “Yes Man”

Dude on the Right went to see a movie and was worried it would be "Liar Liar"
revisited, but doing as he does,

he reviewed "Yes Man,"
and still likes Jim Carrey.  Surprisingly
enough it was actually a nice romantic comedy with Jim Carrey only being
slightly over-the-top, although during a scene when "Jumper" from Third Eye
Blind plays out, well, the limits were actually pushed, but still played out
funny.  For the most part, though, things are kept simple and happy, and
Zooey Deschanel is great as Allison, the romantic girl in the movie.  The
Dude is really worried that you will have to explain to your youngins why Jim
Carrey is, in the end, excited after he put up some shelves in his elderly
neighbor’s apartment, but just don’t tell your little ones why Grandpa is happy
when Grandma takes out her teeth.