What’s New? A Movie Review of: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

And so the New Year came and The Dude on the Right began his catching up on
movies to see, and what better movie to see,

and review, than the "everywhere critically acclaimed," "The Curious Case of
Benjamin Button."
  For The Dude, well, he acclaims it as well, just
not so critically.  Don’t get him wrong – The Dude loved the look of the
movie, is way-impressed at how far Brad Pitt has come from his "Look at me, I’m
a hot piece of ass!" days, and overall liked the spirit of the film, but he just
didn’t like the way Benjamin grew old/young.  The movie probably deserves
all of the award nods it will be getting, but he still can’t figure out why Brad
Pitt, umm, Benjamin, looks like he does when he’s eighty year’s young.  Maybe the DVD will
explain it.