What’s New? A Movie Review of “Prom Night.”

Here’s what The Dude on the Right recommends in his review if you want to see "Prom Night" – See "The Ruins" instead, and he hasn’t even seen "The Ruins" yet.  He has many complaints about "Prom Night," and even though it’s rated PG-13 he thought they could have put in some kind of "killer kills scantily clad girl before she sleeps with her boyfriend" scene, complains that they could have been at least a little original with the boyfriend dying, and wonders if fake blood costs that much money because either they were going for realism with the stab wounds (in which case, why?), or they were afraid of going over budget so they skimped on the blood.  Can you guess that The Dude didn’t like "Prom Night" that much?