What’s New? A DVD Review of “The Darwin Awards.”

For this DVD review of “The Darwin Awards” The Dude on the Right finds there aren’t many things making the DVD special, but he did find some scenes in the movie kind of funny. The problem is that he also found a lot of the DVD predictable since it’s about The Darwin Awards, so when you have a scenario of stoner dudes climbing a fence at a Metallica concert, well, it can’t be good. He also thought the film folks shouldn’t have given away the fate of Harvey (David Arquette) early in the movie because, well, not knowing his fate would have at least given way to some suspense as to how he was a Darwin Award Winner. The Dude also would have liked to have seen Winona Ryder in the shower scene rather than Jospeh Fiennes. The Dude on the Right can be a stalker sometimes.