“Snakes on a Plane” was Great, and I Missed a Live Viewing of the Steve Dahl & Garry Meier “Reunion.”


The Dude on the Right

I’m a little torn right now because part of me wants to do a full movie review
of "Snakes
on a Plane
," but since
and I decided that it will be our next episode of "Stu
& The Dude Reviewin’ the Movies for You,
" I’ve got to hold off a tad on my
full opinion, but if you know me, you can probably guess that, awe, screw it, I
give it 5 stars out of 5.  The purported re-shoots did what they were
supposed to do, namely add the gratuitous nudity, Samuel L. Jackson being able
to swear, and some kick-butt snakes killing humans in way-creative ways. 
It was exactly what I wanted and more, but even more comes when Stu and I do our
reviewin’ which will be posted some time next week.

I’m also a little bummed
right now because of something I didn’t do yesterday, yesterday being Friday,
August 18th.  A few years ago I found the secret to seeing the
Chicago Air
& Water Show
, and that was to go and see it during the practice on Friday. 
Full show, a lot less people.  But the weather was a little iffy, and I had
some consulting obligations to take care of since I was in Ohio the previous
Monday, so I opted to skip the Friday practice.  Originally my plan would
have been to take the camera gear, have a nice day at the beach, but it didn’t
happen.  Sure, that’s not really something to bum you out, especially since
the weather wasn’t that great, but in missing not going to the Air & Water Show,
I also missed out on witnessing, live, some radio history in Chicago.  For
a lot of you this won’t mean a damn thing, but yesterday,

Steve Dahl and Garry Meier
were on the radio, together, again, and it was

Quick history –
Steve and
were huge in the Chicago market until a falling out between them occurred in
1993 (supposedly a lot about money, and some about Garry getting married). 
I had never heard them together, as radio wasn’t a big a part of my life back
then, but have since become a fan of Steve’s, and even of Roe Conn where Garry
was also a co-host, but then Garry seemed to make a huge blunder, again,
supposedly, a lot about money, and Garry has been out of radio since 2003. 
For years lots of radio folks and fans wondered what would happen if Steve and
Garry got back together, and yesterday it happened. 
Steve Dahl was doing a live
broadcast from Oak Street Beachstro, a restaurant at Oak Street Beach in
Chicago, where the Air & Water Show also happened to be happening.  As was
also happening, Garry Meier happened to be dining at same said Beachstro. 
And then it happened.  Steve mentioned he had heard Garry was eating there,
and all of a sudden Garry Meier was back on the air with Steve Dahl, and no one
could really believe it.  And had I gone to the Air & Water Show practice,
I would have been there, camera in hand, to get some photos.  But, like
most folks, I just got to listen to their "reunion" in my car, and at home, and
even though I thought Garry was okay when he was teamed up with Roe Conn, I
could hear how Steve and Garry seemed to have that special chemistry on the
radio that doesn’t happen often.  Even after all of these years apart, they
seemed to gel right back into a radio team, if at least for just a day.

skeptic in me thinks this reunion might have been planned by a bunch of friends,
and the radio folks at WCKG, looking for some ratings boosts after their latest
debacle with the departing of Howard Stern.  But part of me really hopes
that this reunion was genuine, that Garry Meier was at the Beachstro to have
some eats and watch the Air & Water Show, that Steve Dahl just happened to be
there to do his broadcast, and somehow, Garry just said "Fuck it.  Maybe
it’s time to just say ‘Hi.’", and Steve was smart enough to let that happen. 
No matter the case, it was great radio with Steve & Garry on August 18, 2006. 
I’m just a little bummed I wasn’t there to see it live. At least I was able to hear it, on my radio, where maybe it was really meant to be heard. I guess I’m really just bummed because I wasn’t there to get some pictures.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!