No MySpace Yet, and Creative “Snakes on a Plane” Marketing.


The Dude on the Right

First, in case I confused any of you with my podcast yesterday (sorry sis),
don’t go looking for a MySpace page for me yet.  It doesn’t exist.  My
podcast was about my dilemmas of setting one up and the best way to do so to get
the least amount of grief from my two biggest critics, my niece and my nephew. 
When, and I suppose if, I actually set one up that I think is at least almost
niece and nephew proof, you can bet your ass I’ll post the link, but until now,
it’s only a pipe-dream.

But for this blog I wanted to hip you to one of the
coolest, "let the fans do all the publicity for us" campaigns I have found in
years. And don’t go and correct me, because I have found out this has been done
before, but never for a movie with as much internet buzz as this, or one I
really cared about… 

You might have heard about the upcoming movie "Snakes
on a Plane.
"  It’s about, well, snakes, on a plane.  The movie
folks have teamed up with another company to, well, I guess the easiest way to
put this is, is that you can have Samuel L. Jackson "call" your friends, family,
neighbors, or lovers, and "tell" them to go and see the movie "Snakes on a
Plane," personalized to fit your said friend, family, neighbor, or lover’s
lifestyle.  You can also e-mail the audio message to same friends, but that
isn’t nearly as fun as it might be for the phone call option.   I have
already sent some friends and family members the message, and so far my friends
have found it very funny.  In any case, if you want to have some fun, head
to the "Snakes on a Plane"
website and use the
"Get a call from Samuel L. Jackson" area, or you can head directly to the
Varitalk site
and start from there.

Have a good weekend.  It’s another busy movie
weekend for me, so look for new posting as the weekend goes along, I hope.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!