My Sunday was Supposed to be More productive. I’m Blaming the Spinach.


The Dude on the Right

I really wanted to be a little more productive this weekend, but today I woke up
feeling a little out of sorts.  I’m blaming it on bad spinach.  In any
case I still hauled my ass to my local gigaplex to catch the 10:15AM showing of
" so that I could get back to the dude-pad without missing much of the
Chicago Bears kicking the crap out of the Detroit Lions, even though Roy
Williams of the Lions said

his team would prevail
.  You would think the Bears’ winning would have
helped me feel a little better, but then I watched the
Chicago White Sox get
swept by the Oakland A’s, and it took all I had to get my clothes in the laundry
and get my ass trying to get some stuff done.

The things I didn’t get done
were my reviews of "The
Last Kiss
" (a much darker movie than the trailers tended to show, though
still good) and "Gridiron Gang" (a decent movie about overcoming adversity,
though I still wanted The Rock to yell ‘Can you smell what The Mustangs are
cookin’!), some cleaning of the dude-pad (thank god for my dishwasher so I’ve at
least got some clean dishes for the coming week), and getting my TiVo’s
programmed with their Season Passes for the upcoming week.  At least I washed
my clothes so I’ve got clean and

only a couple of week’s old underwear
, paid a couple of bills, and did this

I think Stu and I are geared to do our weekend wrap-up tomorrow, and
I’ll do my best to get some movie reviewing done.  Damn spinach.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!