Chicago has the Champions, Should Blue-Hairs Get a Pass at the Theater, and do Potty and “The Omen” mix?


The Dude on the Right

We are the champions!  We are the champions!  That’s right, here in
Chicago, we are the champions!  And I watched the game.  I was there
with them at the beginning, when they were the
.  And I haven’t been there for them since, until today, when I
remembered that the
Chicago Rush
were in Arenabowl XX and
it was on TV.  So I watched.  Yay!  I still remember

Super Bowl XX
, and how couldn’t I, it was my first winter in Chicago, and
the Chicago Bears won.  So how much of a weird twist of fate is it that
Mike Ditka coached the Chicago Bears to victory in Super Bowl XX, and there he
is, part owner of the Chicago Rush, with the Rush winning Arenabowl XX. 
Coincidence or are the Football Gods just giving Mike Ditka his due?  Somehow, though, I don’t think the Chicago Rush are going to get a parade. Anyway, the
only thing that sort of kept bugging me was the continued talk of this being
Chicago’s first trip to the Arenabowl.  No, this is the first trip for the
Chicago Rush to the Arenabowl.  The Bruisers, one of the original Arena
Football teams, were there, in 1987, for Arenabowl II, where sadly they lost to
the Detroit Drive.  In any case, we have Arena Football bragging rights for
a year!  Hooray!!

On a different tangent, I have some movie issues to
talk with Stu about during our weekend wrap-up podcast tomorrow, but one I also
wanted to bounce off of you, the reading crowd.  The dilemma is simply
this:  You’re in a movie theater, and the couple sitting one seat away from
you insists on jibber-jabbering back and forth during the movie.  They
aren’t that loud, but loud enough.  Do you nicely lean over and ask them to
keep quiet?  Do you look in their direction and give them the "if you don’t
stop talking I’m going to do something" stare?  Do you give them that
annoying "Shhh" sound?  Do you wait for the end of the movie and express
your displeasure at them for their talking during the movie?  This is
usually an easy answer, it’s usually one of the listed responses, or you just go
home upset.  But what if the couple were a couple of elderly ladies?  I
knew I should have said something, maybe as I was leaving, but I wasn’t up to a
confrontation with a couple of blue-hairs.  I knew I could probably out-run
them if I had to, but I enjoyed the movie, "A
Prairie Home Companion
," so much, that I just let it go.  I guess my
question is really should they get a pass for talking during a movie because
they are elderly?

And lastly I’m waiting to do my review of "The Omen" until I
can go back and re-watch the original version and see if I really remember how
it stacks up.  I will say this for now, that this 2006 version of "The
Omen" seemed to drag a lot during the beginning half of the movie, and then when
it got to the bad stuff, it was so over-the-top that I burst out laughing at
times.  Don’t get me wrong, the beheading in the 2006 was cool, but it will
never stick with me like the beheading in the original.

And one last movie
question, which I’m pretty sure I can guess Stu’s answer if I remember to ask
him, is this:  Should you bring your kid to see "The Omen" when you have to
ask her, about five minutes before the film starts, "Do you have to go ‘potty’
before the movie starts?"  Ah, parents of today.

I suppose I’ll get off
my questioning soap box for now. 

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!