Stu & The Dude’s Weekend Wrap-Up: Technical Issues and Movie Talk.


The Dude on the Right

In our headphones, as we were recording this podcast, both Stu Gotz and I
thought it sounded like crap.  I bitched and moaned and wasted precious
minutes bitching and moaning about how bad this podcast sounded, even to the
point that I forgot to mention two very important things I learned in the
morning.  Now, listening to the replay, the podcast sounds fine, I suppose,
except for my not being able to let it go that it sounded lousy in my
headphones.  I so think I might have OCD.

In any case, Stu and I talk
about our weekend, my catching of a couple of movies, namely "Just
My Luck
" and "Keeping
Up With the Steins
," and Stu figures he’ll probably go see "Over
the Hedge
" next weekend, rather than be damned to hell by seeing "The
Da Vinci Code
."  Me, I’ll be damned to hell because I plan on seeing
"The Da Vinci Code" on Saturday, and then my hell will be sitting in a theater
full of kids on Sunday as I try to catch "Over the Hedge."  Oh, it’s so

We also talk about the influence about a President’s speech and
Oprah, and why is the President having a speech when we already know everything
about it, and it comes up during sweep’s week in May.  I questioned whether
Oprah or the President would win out, but it seems the folks at ABC, or Oprah,
decided to move her special up a week, probably much to the chagrin of the
millions of women who will have to throw out tons of food they bought for the
"Legend’s" parties they were going to throw.  Can you get the hint I’m a
little perturbed  at the President having a speech that, at the time of my
writing this, I can already read a transcript of what he is going to say, before
I can hear him say it, and his messing up my TV season finale viewing?  I
wonder if his TIVO is all screwed up like mine seems to be right now.  I
better not miss the end of "How I Met Your Mother."

Okay, I started getting
off on a tangent.  This podcast is about Stu and my weekend wrap-up, and
some ramblings, and my obsessing how the podcast sounded horrible in our
headphones.  Anyway, Stu and I had interesting weekends.  Okay, maybe
not interesting, but we both got through our respectives.

for listening.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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