Stu & The Dude’s Weekend Wrap-Up! (Sort Of): Hangin’ With no Drug Lords, Kidney Stones, Idol Talk, and Underwear in a Bag


The Dude on the Right

With my being in Mexico and not finding any drug lords, there wasn’t time for a "Weekend Wrap-Up!" podcast on Monday, so instead we get a Thursday podcast with Stu Gotz. As most of my time for the past week has been being spent on vacation, I give Stu my initial take on the resort my BFF and I stayed at, Dreams Villamagna, where we didn’t hear any gunfire but did find that it took too long to get food and that typos can be funny. And me, not being the seasoned traveler, get confirmation that you should take a bag to put your dirty underwear, as my BFF instructed me. I found that I hated the "reserving your lounge chair with a towel" status quo, and thankfully I didn’t get diarrhea, but damn, did I fart a lot!

Stu, meanwhile, had his own issues while I was off gallivanting the Mexican countryside, or at least laying on a beach, namely that he got some internal distress with self-diagnosed kidney stones, and discovered a homeopathic remedy of lemon juice and olive oil does sort of work, but with some consequences.

Lastly, without seeing any movies in the theater, I give Stu my take on "Rachael Getting Married" with Anne Hathaway, while we both do some discussing of "American Idol" and the booting of Megan Joy.

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