Stu & The Dude’s Weekend Wrap-Up! Christmas Talk, an Asshole in a Maserati Talk, but no Oprah Talk.


The Dude on the Right

Last week I blamed Mama Gotz for not letting Stu be able to have time to do a
podcast with me, so for

this "Weekend Wrap-Up!" podcast,
well, Mama Gotz decided to show up and kick
my ass.  Okay, she didn’t want to kick my ass, but she does make a guest
appearance to talk about Christmas at the Gotz’s, which is nice.  But since
Stu and I are the stars of the show, we don’t give Mama Gotz much air-time, so
instead Stu and I talk about an asshole who pulls up in his Maserati at
Starbucks, and a lot about Christmas.  Stu and the family saw "Bedtime
Stories" with Adam Sandler, I saw chick-flicks with my BFF, and I tell Stu about
some of the gift exchanges my BFF and I had for Christmas.  I question Stu
if it’s appropriate for Santa Claus to show up during Christmas mass, Stu
wonders what someone bought at Walgreens, I’m bummed the Chicago Bears suck, but
through it all we don’t talk about Oprah not pumping her own gas.

With this
being our last podcast of 2008,
thanks for listening!
And from Stu Gotz and me, ’nuff said, and that’s it for this one!  Happy
New Year!

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