Have you ever been to a thrift shop?

I know a few people who regularly shop at Goodwill, and when the song “Thrift Shop” from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis blew up the charts I couldn’t help but think of those people, and still can’t, every time I hear the song. Now I’m one for goofy songs, always have been, and “Thrift Shop” is right up there with the “I can’t believe this is a hit song, and why can’t I stop singing along?” best of them. It’s catchy, tells a nice tale, and sure, the non-radio version has some naughty words, but what doesn’t nowadays? The song also introduced me to some terms so I can stay hip with the youngsters, namely phrases like “Poppin’ tags” and “Come up,” and yes, I intend to use them and look like a dork at any instance that one of them may fit.

But back to the thrift shop.

I’m not one to shop at a thrift shop. Sure, I know there are tons of bargains, and every now and then you find something that you can probably sell on eBay for a nice return on your dollar, but for the most part Goodwill has just become a donation place for me for things like clothes that are too big for me now, nicknacks that even I wonder why I still have, and some electronics that still work but don’t work for me. There have been a few times I’ve gone into the store, rather than just drop stuff off, and yes, the hoarder in me could probably walk out of there with cartloads of stuff costing me like twenty bucks, but there is a voice in my head, well, knowing the disapproval of my wife, should I come home with a trunkload of one man’s trash that has become this man’s come up, although if I could get over the fact of wearing someone else’s shoes, if I did come across some gator shoes, those being green, they might just be hard to pass up.

Maybe you won’t shop there, maybe you just browse and wonder who actually owned that lime-green jumpsuit, but I plight: Have you ever been to a thrift shop?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!