Do you wash your own car?

In keeping with the current theme of cars for these Daily Plights, I have a neighbor who is always washing his cars. Not as much lately as we are in the grips of winter, but once the weather breaks a bit there he is, car in front of the garage, with the hose doing its work and him with a bucket of sudsy water. Part of me is a little jealous as my laziness and prioritizing of other things have taken me away from my desire to wash my car, but I remember younger days, first parking mom and/or dad’s in the driveway to give their car a thorough bathing, and then parking the car under the tree in the front yard for a good wax job where I would undoubtedly put on too much wax and then curse up a storm under my breath as I was trying to get the wax off.

As I’ve gotten older my personal car washing duties have stalled, especially as my living situations changed and it wasn’t as easy to pull out the hose and wash the dirt off the dude-mobile, that and the fact that it seems every gas station now has a quick car wash, and so I can’t really recall the last time I pulled out the bucket and dish soap. Sure, it’s a weird thinking about this in the winter time, but maybe it’s because my car could really use a decent car wash after being coated in road salt, and I’m also wondering when it will be warm enough for my neighbor to cleanse his vehicles, but as much as I miss the joy of washing my own car sometimes, I plight: Do you wash your own car?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!