Do you climb on your counters to get to upper cabinets?

This plight was actually inspired weeks ago, but came back to me yesterday in the bathroom. You see, a few weeks ago I was looking for something in our kitchen cabinets. I think it was noodles, or maybe balsamic vinegar, but that’s not important. What is important is that I couldn’t find it on the lower shelves, and thought it might be on the top shelf. Now, mind you, a step-stool is probably a mere twenty steps away from me at this time, and the choice is in my head, “Walk over, get the step stool, set up the step stool, climb up the step stool, look on the top shelves, find stuff, climb down, put the step stool away,” or “Get your fat-ass on top of the counter and look on the top shelf.” I opted for the latter, and reminded myself of when I was about eight years old and liked to climb on the cabinets.

And so, yesterday, I’m in the bathroom, and there, on the wall near the ceiling, was a spider. Again, a step stool was a mere few steps away, but time was of the essence as I knew by the time I got the stool and came back, there was a high level of chance the spider would be gone. Alas, there I was, climbing on the bathroom counter and securing said spider, to release him in the wild so he could be free.

Call it laziness, call it expediency, or call it trying to connect with my eight-year old self again, but lately, given the choice of getting the step stool or climbing on the counter, I’m climbing on the counter. And so I plight: Do you climb on your counters to get to upper cabinets?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! ┬áL8R!!!