Maybe I Should Just Shave My Head.

Okay, so I ran out of shampoo this weekend. Now it is important to realize
I am very picky when it comes to my shampoo. I figure if a haircut costs
$40.00 then I must have a pretty special head of hair. Why else would it
cost so much, right? Yea, I know, they are sticking it to me. Well, since
I’m picky about my shampoo I cannot just drive over to the Piggly Wiggly to buy
it, this takes an actual trip with effort involved. So I drive over to one
of the only two salons… See, fancy already, it is a SALON, not a grocery
store, within 2 hours of my pad, to get my shampoo. Now, when I arrive, I
am greeted at the door with a smile, and I rush over to the display with my
magical brand of shampoo.
AVEDA – oooh, earth
and science in a bottle. Sadly I notice there is no 8.5 oz bottle of my
shampoo type. Yes – my hair deserves a specific type of a specific brand,
but there is only the 33.8 oz sized bottle. So I ask for the smaller
bottle… I don’t have hair all over my body which requires that much shampoo… I
come to find out AVEDA no longer makes it in the smaller bottle. Okay, one
more person sticking it to me.

So I have to suck it up and purchase the
grizzly-bear sized bottle. Okay, so I didn’t pay attention to the cost of
the grizzly-bear sized bottle (hmm, $40.00), but since I pay that much for a
hair cut why should I complain? I smile, pay the girl, and drive home with
my head all a tingle because I will be once again treating my hair with AVEDA –
ooooh, earth and science in a bottle. So, I proceed to place the
grizzly-bear sized bottle of shampoo… Oh wait! WHAT THE HELL? Yes,
having not excelled in reading French in grammar school I missed that instead of
shampoo I have a huge grizzly-bear sized bottle of CONDITIONER! Who in the
hell needs a gigantic bottle of conditioner??? Also, when I specifically
asked about SHAMPOOOOOO, how did the happy girl at the counter somehow hear
AVEDA conditioner? And also, is it sooo difficult to clearly use the
English language to boldly indicate CONDITIONER on a bottle? Hell, there
is plenty of room on a 33.8 oz sized bottle to spell out conditioner in bold
writing with underlines! Even the 8.5 oz of conditioner is in a different
shaped bottle so you cannot get them confused. So now I must take a trip
back to exchange for a bottle of shampoo and oh, by the way, the magical SALON
is closed on Mondays so I, and my hair, have to wait even one more day. This makes me wonder: Is shaving my head really such a bad idea?

See Ya!