Las Vegas Has Boobs, and They Feel Nice.

I just got back from my annual Las Vegas trip. Each time I visit I like to
try something new and this time the cosmic Vegas energy pulled me toward a nudie
bar. Yepper, I said “nudie bar,” otherwise known as a Gentleman’s Club. These
places are pretty much a mystery for most of the girlfriends and wives in the
world, and I can officially say that what you think happens in there is nothing
close to reality. Granted I can only speak to the one I went into, but it was
Vegas, and it was a nudie bar. Kicking off, the girls that I met are really
great to talk to, and I learned a great deal about the business. I am sure you
don’t want those boring details so I will move onto the good stuff…. breasts.
Yes, I finally got my hands on a good, silicone-filled breast. I have always
wanted to feel one of those (having been blessed with big, natural hooters, I
don’t need to enhance mine), and I have always thought they looked different –
Perfectly round and both boobs match, which is not the case with real ones. They
are a little firmer then real ones, but all in all I would have to say they feel
pretty damn nice, kind of like a firm pillow, which was proven when the girls
allowed me to do a “motor-boat” in them. I also have to mention that the girl’s
skin is the softest I have ever felt, next to a baby’s. The skin treatments
these girls use definitely pays off, leaving their skin kind of like a firm
pillow with flannel sheets.

Now it was also brought to my attention that you guys out there are not
allowed to touch these soft, firm boobs, which would explain why every guy in
the place had their hands hanging off the sides of the chair like they were
paralyzed, I guess so that Brutus the bouncer doesn’t come over and kick your
ass. So, any vision women have that the guy is groping the girl on his lap is
pretty much wrong, unless the girl gives permission (which does not seem to be
often). Pretty much he cannot touch her. I was also a little surprised by the
lap dance experience. Now don’t get me wrong, it is pretty cool, but it is the
only time the girl had no top on. Also, since there was alcohol being served,
she had on a g-string, so she is not completely naked. The lap dance is pretty
much a lot of rubbing and boobs in your face only she does the rubbing and
you’re not rubbing her, although I did get a spank in on her firm, little butt
(I am a female so Brutus was not going to kick my ass).

I was disappointed in the stage dancers because they didn’t do acrobatic
stunts on the pole. I guess Hollywood makes that look more interesting, but for
the most part the girls just danced around the stage, around the pole. A little
bit of a bummer.

All in all I think women need to visit a nudie bar at least once and see that
what you think is going on is much worse then the reality of what is going on.
There is a difference between a hooker and a stripper, or exotic dancer as they
are sometimes called, and granted some strippers may blur the line. But if your
man is willing to do that, a strip club is the least of your worries. And
besides, the sex you get from your man after he has been all teased up by a
stripper is definitely worth the price of his admission to these places. So
girls, LIGHTEN UP!

See Ya!