I Can Be an “Expert” About Resolutions.

I thought about making my first "Trash" entry all about me, about who I am,
where I come from, but screw that.  If you want to know about me, my

Entertainment Ave! bio is here

So, you know what, here it is, the third week of January and I wondered how
are all of those resolutions for 2007 are  working out for you? The answer
is probably "Pretty damn bad."

This year I decided to use the advice of "experts" to set my 2007 goals. 
Hey, they are "experts," they get paid pretty good money to sit in a chair on
CNN, and they give you advice. I figured those "experts" had to know something I
didn’t – After all, how can you fail with advice like… "set realistic goals"
and "don’t get discouraged if you slip."  Well, apparently, I do know
something these "experts" do not know…..my life in 2006 is just as crappy as
it was in 2007.

Let’s take the resolution millions of American’s make every year.  "In
2007, I will lose 10 pounds."  Now before I allowed myself to fail, I took
the advice of "experts" and modified that goal to be "I will exercise at least
20 minutes, three days a week (to get that Bowflex body of course)."  Well
even as we speak I have managed to crank out only one 30 minute workout. 
WHY!?  Easy!  I did not change jobs in 2007.  I have the same
crappy hours.  I continue to work my ass off for 12 hours a day, five days
a week, to come home tired.  And I manage to make my way to the couch when I
get home, and have to convince myself tomorrow will be better.  Guess what! 
It is not any better because I still have the same job with long hours!  If
I actually had any chance of meeting my simple goal of exercising at least 20
minutes, three days a week (to get that Bowflex body), I would have had to have
achieved a different goal first…..find a  better job with fewer hours.  Oh,
and screw that don’t get discouraged crap.  I was a human being in 2006,
and I guess that I am still a human being in 2007.  So let us think about
this one – If I had the human emotion of disappointment in 2006, I am guessing
nothing magical happened at midnight, 2007, in whatever time-zone, to erase that
human emotion (no spaceship took me on board and did experiments on me at
midnight, I think).

So I have to ask myself this new question…  "How does one become a CNN
‘expert?’"  My guess is they only work 10 hours a week and may not actually be
human.  If I had that gig then I would have all of the time in the world to achieve
my goal, and not feel bad if I didn’t!

See Ya!