Would you ever clip your fingernails in church?

Going to Easter mass led to its share of normal Easter observations. Of course that is that initial observation of “Where are all of these people going to church today the rest of the year?” As a person who used to be an Easter and Christmas kind of church-goer, I understand, but even when I was that kind of guy I always wondered what kept all of the people away during the rest of the year, or is it mostly just the laziness attitude like I had back in the day. Oh well.

The next observation is the general Easter outfits. Sure, there are some people who don’t dress up, sometimes wearing jeans, but at least usually not any t-shirts with sayings like “I’m with stupid!” on them, but I also don’t think God is that concerned with your getting all gussied up to pray to him. I think he would rather you be a good person rather than worry about what clothes you are wearing. There were also the share of a little more inappropriate outfits, usually worn by the high school girls, teetering on, or actually crossing the line, into skanky, and as these girls aren’t normally prostitutes, I’m not guessing these are there normal outfits and are actually out for a little bit of shock value.

However, nothing was as shocking as looking down on the floor after a I say in the pew. As you can probably guess from the question for this poll, I looked down and there it was, a nicely clipped fingernail. As I usually am when I see those dental floss thingies on the ground, seeing fingernail clippings just seems a little gross, let alone on the floor at church. Now sure, I know sometimes there are fingernail emergencies, but maybe about a foot or two away from what looked like it was a pinkie fingernail clipping, there it was, the thumbnail fingernail clipping, and all I could think about was the person sitting in church, maybe waiting for mass to start and finished reading their Sunday bulletin, and deciding “You know what? My fingernails need to be clipped. Now where did I leave my fingernail clippers.”

Sure, there is the theory that maybe they actually clipped them into a tissue, and then when fishing said tissue out of their pocket that the fingernail clippings inadvertently fell to the floor, but now I’m getting the queasies just thinking about the used tissue in their pocket.

And so, in the spirit of Easter mass, I plight: Would you ever clip your fingernails in church?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!