What’s New? A Podcast of: What’s for Dinner, It’s Cold, and No Stu :-(

Flying solo for a

"Weekend Wrap-Up!" podcast
, The Dude on the Right only skips one thing he
was planning on talking with Stu Gotz about, so instead he just discusses them
with you, the listener.  Topics include a different take on your Holiday
dinner menu, how he liked "Yes Man," how he is sick of the cold weather even
though winter has just begun, and how he is looking forward to this Christmas
even though he won’t see any movies that day.  With The Dude from Illinois
he also talks a little Rob Blagojevich, some Chicago Bears, and upcoming
Christmas Day movie releases, but he does skip one story because that really is
one Stu will also be upset that he didn’t think of the idea, either.