What’s New? A Podcast of: The W.G.N. is Here, Football Talk, Paris Hilton Talk, Storms and The Olympics!

For this podcast
The W.G.N. reunites with The Dude on the Right to talk
about many a thing.  Sure, there’s football talk, with wonderings about
Brett Favre going the The New York Jets, The Chicago Bears lack of a quarterback
issue between Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman, and The W.G.N.’s continued love for
Cleveland teams.  But they also talk about Paris Hilton’s political
aspirations, the desire to watch The Olympics, and stormage down in
Houston-town.  There are a few more topics of conversation, but hey, why
give a synopsis if you are going to give all of the good stuff away.  Just
go ahead and

listen to the podcast
, they don’t talk too long.