What’s New? A Podcast of: Enlarged Bladders, Stu Gotz is a Duck, and Do U Have a Crush on Obama or R U Hott 4 Hill?

On the eve of Friday the 13th, for this podcast, The Dude on the Right had the piss scared back into him thanks to Stu Gotz being a duck, and having a full bladder always makes him think of Jeff Probst. But that isn’t what is really concerning him. Sure, The Dude also worries about Kelly Clarkson, but he really hopes the Hott 4 Hill girl is bisexual, and rather than Hill being part of the threesome, well, Hott 4 Hill and Obama Girl will get together with him, The Dude on the Right, make a video, and then The Dude on the Right would have enough funds to run for President, or at least just have a lot of fun. The Dude sometimes dreams too much.