What’s New? A Podcast of: Chicago Sports, Stu’s Schnoz, Apples, and A Happy Faced Barn.

Dude on the Right thinks he knows how Stu Gotz would sound if he were here for

this "Weekend Wrap-Up!" podcast
, but he does sound kind of lonely doing this
podcast (The W.G.N. – Where are you?).  He’s not lonely, though, because he
and his BFF did something way out of normalcy for The Dude – apple picking, in a
state called Wisconsin, in a city called Mukwonago, at a place called
The Elegant Farmer,
where a barn with a smiley face brings in the kids, only to have them in
kid-crabbiness about four hours later.  Thank God for those Apple Cider
Donuts, which aren’t always made on time!

The Dude also laments about the downfall of the Chicago baseball teams in the
extended season, with the Cubs imploding and the White Sox becoming another lame
fan base with white towels (bad-ass would have been black towels for the series,
throwing in the towel is for losers, white ones, and that’s what the White Sox
became – at least says The Dude on the Right).

The Dude, at least, had a Chicago Bears win to be happy about.