What’s New? A Podcast of “Bowling, A Mac World, and More!”

The Dude on the Right is a little bummed for this podcast
, what with his mom
passing away and all, but what better way to get out the doldrums than by buying
a new computer!  Unfortunately, for The Dude, buying a MacBook also means a
new learning curve (if any of you can help him plug two microphones into his
MacBook and be able to control each mic independently, he would appreciate your
advice), but on the plus side, his history is starting to come to light with his
alma matter, Illinois Institute of Technology, beginning to post old issues of
Technology News, the campus newspaper, from the time he attended. 

We now learn he was a good bowler
, but if The Dude wanted to be where the
money was at, he would have shot to be a good golfer!

There is some political talk for this podcast, as the elections are next
Tuesday, but with this weekend The Dude is just really hoping to get a movie
review posted because then things are just a little closer to normal.