The Dude & The W.G.N.: A Haphazard Opening, Terrorist Geese, Las Vegas, American Idol, and More!


The Dude on the Right

This podcast would have had a really entertaining start, especially with the return of The W.G.N. to the podcast airwaves, but since I’m a bonehead and didn’t hit the record button, well, things start kind of haphazardly. Luckily The W.G.N. gets a hold on things and steers me back into a direction of normalcy. Normalcy for this podcast turns into some small talk about Canadian Geese and airplane crashes, or happily an actual water landing in the case of the US Airways Flight 1549 landing on/in the Hudson River. But more normalcy develops with lots of talk about a trip to Las Vegas that The W.G.N. took, complete with some gambling winnings and losings, a non-visit to "Thunder From Down Under," and some gambling advice from The Dude.

The W.G.N. has some issues with a college final, we both watched "American Idol" (although he doesn’t admit to seeing Bikini Girl), he is surprised the outside temperature gauge on my car goes as low as it did, and with his spring schedule, well, The W.G.N. might be a pretty normal addition to the Thursday podcast, which, I’m sure, will be of great news to The Mystery Dude who doesn’t really like when I do solo podcasts, not to mention the legion of fans of The W.G.N.

It was great to do a podcast with The W.G.N. again, even if I did screw up the beginning, and hopefully this year will be filled with many more!

Thanks for listening!

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the
Right!!  L8R!!!

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