The Body and The Mind are at Two Different Ages.


The Dude on the Right

I don’t know why, but for all of my life I have liked high school-themed films. 
They can be the one’s geared at the dudes, the one’s geared for the dudettes, or
those geared for everyone.  So I guess I shouldn’t have been that surprised
when this morning came around and as I was deciding whether to see "Scoop,"
the Woody Allen movie, or "John
Tucker Must Die
," the high school movie, I opted for seeing if John Tucker
would find an untimely demise.  I have to admit that I feel kind of silly,
and I’m sure I get some weird looks, going to the local gigaplex box office,
alone, and asking "One for ‘John Tucker Must Die’ please."  But there I
sat, in the theater, myself, about ten, teen girls, and a mom.  I got some
of the jokes the girls didn’t, the girls got some of the jokes I didn’t, so I
guess it worked for all of us on some level.

And as much as going to see the
"John Tucker" film sort of made me feel old, it was seeing the Chicago Cubs game
on Friday that again reminded me that those days of college are way behind me. 
Sure, it was like 93 degrees, sun blazing down, and humid, but back in those
college days, drinking water at a ballgame never even came around as a little
bit of a thought.  Granted I don’t think they were even selling bottled
water back then, but in those days, even with the heat, it was all about beer. 
Sure, I was driving home from this Cubs’ game, so drinking a lot of beer wasn’t
an option, but even after having the few I had before the game, and one at the
ballpark, all I wanted was water, and lots of it.  So there you have it – I
think my body has officially decided it has grown-up, but I suppose my mind and
sense of humor have a long way to follow, especially choosing a high school
flick over a Woody Allen movie, even if the Woody Allen flick did have Scarlett
Johansson in it, whom I want to stalk.  I guess I’m kinda hoping my mind
never catches up with my body.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!