Thankfully the FCC Agreed With Me, That Satellite Radio has Tons of Competition


The Dude on the Right

Sure, this blog "Title" isn’t really that timely, but as I am planning a
boatload of hours in the Dude-Mobile over the next couple of weeks, and even
though said Dude-Mobile has Sirius Satellite Radio in it, I am actually putting
together an iPod "During My Travels" playlist, for me to be able to listen to
songs I totally love while I am in my car, via, well, my old iPod.

Now don’t
get me wrong, I love my satellite radio, am looking forward, thanks to the
merger approval, of being able to get "Oprah Radio," or whatever it was called
when XM was only XM, but sometimes, even with a boatload of commercial-free
music channels, (and yes, Howard Stern being on vacation while I’ll be in my
Dude-Mobile does influence my listening choices), I still am a chronic
channel-hopper, and the minute a song comes on Sirius Hits 1 that I don’t like I
switch to Alt Nation 21.  Bad song on Alt Nation, I’m off to Faction on
Channel 28.  Sure, sometimes I’m in a country music kind of mood, so I head
for New Country on Channel 60, but when I want a laugh, I know I can always hit
the quadfecta of comedy at Blue Collar Radio on 103, Raw Dog (where they
actually have a cat named Oscar hosting a show) on 104, clean comedy on 105, and
The Foxxhole on 106.  But the satellite radio folks still have normal radio
programming issues because the last time I was trying to impress my BFF, that
satellite radio was way cool, Classic Rewind on Channel 15 seemed to be stuck in
a Genesis/Phil Collins mode, and as much as I’m down with "Sussudio," I can only
take so much Genesis/Phil Collins over the span of three days, and I was really
getting bummed with her saying "Is that another song by Genesis?"

For me
satellite radio, normal radio, HD Radio, and internet radio, all have one, major
adversary of competition, especially now, and their competition is simply a
person wanting to listen to only songs they want to hear.  And thanks to
the likes of the iPod, iPhone, Zune, or wherever you portably bring your music,
can someone please reiterate to the FCC that music competition is a playing
field that no longer lives over their precious airwaves?

So, for me, I’ve
already popped some Flo Rida into my "During My Travels" playlist, I’m digging
the song "Paper Planes" by M.I.A. so that is there as well, and, I know, it’s
kind of cliché for this summer, but "I Kissed a Girl" is also in there. 
Fine, I’ll admit that I have some Hannah Montana songs to listen to, but as I
play the playlist on random mode, I’m so looking forward to singing, speaking,
and remembering the first time I heard Bruce Springsteen’s version of "Growin’
Up," from the Agora, for WMMS, and "seeing" Kid Leo prayin’ for more watts, and
as a boy from the Cleveland area, you can bet some Michael Stanley Band, or even
just Michael, will be on that playlist.

Sometimes you hear new songs on the
"radio," but thanks to technology, now you don’t always have to go pressing
buttons in your car to find them.

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!