Stu’s Gone, A Missed Opportunity, iPhone Ringtones, and Live Earth.


The Dude on the Right

So I’m flying solo for

this podcast
which normally would be a "Stu & The Dude Weekend Wrap-Up!",
but Stu is traveling the nation so for this one, well, it’s just me.  The
odd thing was that even though I didn’t think I had much to talk about, fifteen
minutes flies by as I let you know I might have missed my chance for stardom,
namely by not becoming a "Survivor" contestant.  It’s also been over a week
since I’ve had my iPhone, and I love it, do not regret my buying decision
because I knew what I was getting when I got it, but am patiently waiting for
the ever-rumored software/firmware update to enhance my ringtone assignments. 
For now all of my cool friends simply sound like an old phone ringing (I
couldn’t go the distance and make them sound like ducks), but one day, again, I
hope, when Harry Caray starts spouting "It could be, it is!", well, I’ll know
The Dude on the Left is calling me.

And since I couldn’t stop talking for this
podcast, watching "Live Earth" got me reminiscing about probably the best Stu
Gotz line in a review, ever, located in his

Melissa Etheridge review
.   Sadly her performance on "Live Earth"
let me down.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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